Species: Human
Role: Leader of G3
Played by: Tim Russ
First appearance: Escape to Sherman High

Solomon is the mysterious leader of the Galactic Guardian Group (G3), a covert agency apparently dedicated to studying extraterrestrials and protecting the Earth from alien threats. Although he claims to be the group's leader, in secret he takes orders from an unknown man.



Little is known about Solomon's background, but his fighting style exactly mirrors Lance's, suggesting that his training is somehow Galalunan in origin. ("The Fortress of Deception")

Season oneEdit

Solomon lead the G3 team that recovered the spacecraft that had carried Ilana, Lance and Octus to Earth. He clashed with General Julius Steel who was also present, but the general was forced to yield to his authority. Later when Titan fought the Fire Monster, Solomon arrived in G3's flying/submersible craft and fired its Wave Motion Cannon at the creature. However, he disappeared before Titan detected the source of the beam. ("Escape to Sherman High")

After Lance and Ilana activated their armor in a shopping mall, Solomon obtained the security camera footage. ("Neighbors in Disguise")

Solomon also warned General Steel about the dangers of experimenting with a piece of the Mutraddi creature, but his warnings went unheeded. ("Elephant Logic")


Solomon as "Kane"

Later, G3 lead a strike on the Lunis home and kidnapped Lance and Ilana. While they were held on G3 flying fortress, Solomon had himself placed in confinement with them, posing as "Kane" a fellow prisoner and former G3 employee. As he pretended to lead them to safety, he used the opportunity to quiz them on their background and Titan. However, the pair quickly became suspicious of Kane. After witnessing Titan form, Solomon revealed himself as the leader of G3 and started to question Titan about its mission and why it has brought monsters to Earth. However, Titan escaped the fortress. Solomon later visited an unidentified man deep in G3's headquarters. He admitted he'd defied orders and was only supposed to watch Lance and Ilana. The man warned him never to disobey again. ("The Fortress of Deception")

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Solomon (and his alias "Kane") are references to pulp magazine character Solomon Kane created by Robert E. Howard. This is backed up by the fact that Genndy Tartakovsky has cited Howard's works as a point of inspiration for the series.[1] Further, his appearance is similar to the character's, who is described as a pale man dressed in black and wearing a slouch hat.



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